Sunset Beach Resort, Marina & Spa is a highly private resort, and membership is the emblem of exclusivity.
Being a member at Sunset Beach gives you the opportunity to enjoy year round access, with total availability of all entertainment facilities & outlets.
If you wish to apply for a new membership:
You start by setting an appointment with one of our Members’ Relations representative. When you attend on the set date, you and your family will take a complete guided tour of Sunset Beach Resort, Marina & Spa.

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You will be required to take care of the following:

•   Completely and accurately filling our membership
     application, which will include all the family details.
•   Make available 2 recommendation letters from old
     members advocating you and your family.
•   A copy of the Family ID & ID card of each member of your
     family is to be provided.
•   Identity photographs of all family members are to be
     attached with the documents

Your file will undergo the review of the Sunset Beach membership committee for approval.

For more information contact
Member Relations Department
Phone +966 3 890 2000
Ext. 4484 & 4455
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