Leisure Activities
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The Family Park is a place where all the members of a family can enjoy their day in their own way. It is a place where children can splash their day with some of the 'coolest' fun around while their parents relax on a beach towel along the lines of our white sand lagoon, enjoy a nice walk around our beautiful landscaped park or simply relax in one of our pergolas, surrounded by the breath-taking view of the gulf. The Family Park is the finest destination for a full day of family fun in the best water attractions, all located in a safe and friendly environment. We have a total of five water slides, two of which fulfill the fun needs of young children from ages three and up; two others are a little more challenging for seven years and up and the mighty space bowl is conceived only for the more adventurous!  For the slightly older and more relaxed, our lazy river filled with floating tubes take you on a relaxing journey, simply floating your mind away while you do nothing but enjoy the view and listen to the sound of waterfalls all around you. Or you can visit our very quiet and relaxing man-made lagoon, with its beautiful white sandy beach, directly linked to the gulf, for even more time spent in resting your mind in the middle of nature’s beauty.

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